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Services, Repairs, & Projects

Welcome to AC Jewelers' Services, Repairs, & Projects page, where we bring our passion for fine jewelry to life in more ways than one. At AC Jewelers, we're not just about creating stunning jewelry pieces; we're also dedicated to maintaining and repairing your cherished pieces while embarking on exciting custom projects to bring your unique ideas to fruition.

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Take a look at the different services and repairs we have to offer below.

1. Cleaning & Inspection: Keep your jewelry looking its best with our professional cleaning and thorough inspections. We'll ensure your pieces are pristine and free from any hidden issues.

2. Custom Designs: Let your imagination run wild as we work together to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized piece that reflects your unique style and sentiments.

3. Eyeglass Repair: Beyond jewelry, we also offer expert eyeglass repair services to keep your eyewear in top condition, from simple fixes to intricate adjustments.

4. Financing: We provide flexible financing options to make your dream jewelry purchase or repair accessible and convenient.

5. Gold, Silver, and Diamond Buying: Get the best value for your unwanted gold, silver, and diamonds with our competitive buying services.

6. Jewelry Appraisals: Trust our certified appraisers to provide accurate valuations for insurance, estate planning, or peace of mind.

7. Jewelry Engraving: Add a personal touch to your jewelry with our engraving services, commemorating special moments or expressing your love.

8. Jewelry Repairs: Our skilled artisans are adept at fixing various issues, from chain repairs to stone replacements, ensuring your jewelry retains its charm and integrity.

9. Jewelry Restoration: Breathe new life into vintage or worn-out pieces with our restoration services, returning them to their original splendor.

10. Pearl & Bead Restringing: Safeguard your delicate pearls and beads with our meticulous restringing service, preserving their beauty and strength.

11. Rhodium Plating: Keep your white gold jewelry brilliant and lustrous with our expert rhodium plating service, restoring its shine and preventing tarnish.

12. Ring Resizing: Ensure a perfect fit for your rings with our resizing services, whether for fashion, comfort, or heirloom pieces.

13. Tip & Prong Repair: Our skilled jewelers can expertly repair and reinforce damaged or worn tips and prongs to protect your precious gemstones.

14. Watch Battery Replacement: Keep your timepieces running smoothly with our watch battery replacement service, available for a wide range of watch brands.

At A.C. Jewelers, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Your cherished jewelry and timepieces are in
expert hands, and we take pride in preserving their beauty and significance. Contact us today to schedule a service or repair appointment, and experience
the A.C. Jewelers commitment to excellence firsthand.